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  • 16 Jun, 2012
  • OM HERBAL is a trading Company that has been in operation since year 2011. The company is in distribution of Nutrients .
  • 15 May, 2012
  • OM HERBAL is a trading Company that has been in operation since year 2011. The company is in distribution of Nutrients.

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    Our products have been classified on compositions and are successfully tested. The products are classified under the label of:

    A. Flowers Nutrient
    B. Grains Nutrient
    C. Fruits and Vegetables Nutrient
    D. Cattle Feed Nutrient

    Key Features

    The basis of a fertile garden is good soil fertility. NPK rating (or N-P-K) is used to label a good NPK fertilizer based on the relative content of the chemical elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) that are commonly used in fertilizers. The three elements promote plant growth in three different ways. In simple terms, these are:

    N – Nitrogen: promotes the growth of leaves and vegetation. High Nitrogen Fertilizer encourages lush leaf growth, bushiness and branching. An absence of nitrogen fertilizer will show up in small plant size, weak and spindly stems or in extreme cases, yellowed misshaped growth.

    P – Phosphorus: Phosphorus Fertilizers promotes root and shoot growth. Healthy root systems are the basis for healthy plants. With a strong root base, plants are less susceptible to wind damage. They are more drought resistant, and can handle an overabundance of water. Overall a good phosphorus fertilizer results in strong root systems that create plants that tolerate the different variable extremes of growing conditions.

    K – Potassium: Potassium Fertilizer promotes flowering, fruiting and general hardiness. This nutrient has the responsibility of encouraging plants to flower, produce fruit and continue to flourish.

    However, NPK ratio for a NPK Fertilizer should be such that it should cultivate maximum productivity without harming the plants as well as soil. Om Herbal Nutrient gives you appropriate nutrient ratio which enhances the soil fertility and increases plant growth.

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